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  Anonymous said:
I think the fact that you only burned the "transphobic" CAH card is extremely anti-semitic. There are tons of jokes about the holocaust in CAH but you chose to ignore them in favor of your anti-semitic world views. You must hate all jews.

I have two responses to this (although my gut instinct is to delete but instead I will answer)

1) It is not my fault that the version of the post that circulated is not the one which has my apology/acknowledgement of error on it. CAH cards are a lot of terrible things — racist, sexist, anti-semitic, etc. I really and truly fucked up. I 100% realize that and I’m extremely sorry. 

2) I was raised Jewish. My mother is the president of a Jewish chorus. I went to after-school Hebrew School classes for seven years. I went to a Jewish middle school for two years. I chose to wear a kippah for almost a year with no pressure from anyone I knew (my family honestly thought it was weird). I continued saying prayers with tallis and all for almost a year after I stopped going to Jewish schools, even though no one else in my family ever even considered doing so. My religious views have changed and I no longer identify with any religion, but it’d be a really fucked up plot twist of a situation if I somehow turned out to be anti-semitic.


  Anonymous said:
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought 'transvestite' pertained to a man getting off on wearing women's clothing (as in a fetish) without actually wanting to become a woman, and not an actual trans person. They aren't the same thing, are they not? Censorship/PC seems to be running amuck particularly since it's saying "A" means "B" when it only means "A" and not "B".

"Transvestite" refers to cross-dressers and is considered a slur by many and outdated by all. Aside from that, please understand that I am a random teenage transboy who made one joke but does not claim to be anywhere near all-knowing or all-understanding. So you are correct, “transvestite” is very different from “transgender.” This does not mean, however, that a card about “transvestites” is not transphobic. Especially when the idea of “passing” is introduced. To put it in the most basic, simple, not-even-quite-the-right-situation terms: laughing at a man wearing a dress is transphobic. There’s no need to go into a lesson on why, but understand that it is inherently so. In effect, laughing at cross-dressers [ESPECIALLY while using an outdated/slur word] is inherently transphobic as well.

Important addition by person who knows far more things than I do"Transvestite" historically has been used to erase the identities of trans women and call them men and call them perverted. The transphobia + transmisogyny in it cannot be argued into okayness

Have you seen this? [link]

Jonah’s comment: I was quoted in it, trust me I know it happened haha. Thanks though :)

  kieram13 said:
I just want to say thank you for your support of LGBT (emphasis on the T) rights. I saw an article about how supportive you were when you found the "Passable transvestite" white card in Cards Against Humanity, and subsequently burned it. *hugs*

Well I am LGBT (emphasis on the T), so it makes sense :P But yeah you’re welcome I suppose? I have very mixed feelings on the post altogether (which I think mostly just comes from the fact that everyone took it so seriously and had such intense debates about it when I had only ever intended it as a joke because I like to burn things). Thanks for this message though :)

  Anonymous said:
the transphobic card gets burnt but no one seems to care about any of the racist, sexist or ableist cards

It’s not my fault that the post that circulated isn’t the one that has my apology and acknowledgement of error on it. 







Isn’t the point of Cards Against Humanity to be super offensive?

The fact that this person was oh so offended by this card to the point of burning it but apparently did not feel the need to burn the other offensive cards says a lot

Yeah, the whole point of this game is to be as insensitive, uncaring, and downright offensive as you possibly can be. The fact that you didn’t burn the other, easily more offensive cards, is probably the worst part of it. Meaning you only concentrate on self important issues, as opposed to all relevant issues. Which in my personal opinion makes you just as narrow minded as any person who is opposed to your views.

This post has started going around Tumblr a decent amount again recently, and with it I’ve received two categories of responses: those who say “The point of the game is to be offensive, get over it” and those who say things like those above, comments on the fact that I burned only one card when there are other (perhaps more) problematic ones around. Since making this post — which I first put on my Facebook — I’ve had one-on-one discussions with a few different people, and given thought to the matter myself. The point of my response to these comments is an apology.

I am a person who comes from a massive amount of privilege — even those things which theoretically make me unprivileged — my trans and queer identities — are just further signs of my privilege, having come from a family and community in which I have been accepted and assisted 100% of the way and have never experienced harassment or discrimination. I am working on acknowledging these privileges and determining what I can do (as a quiet, depressed, anxious, self-conscious person) to make things better for all. I try extremely hard to acknowledge my privilege and not act in problematic ways. When I first posted this, I did not realize that it was problematic. I was fine to say “I can’t find this specific card funny, it is too close to being about me, I wanted it out of my game and since I like fire I decided to burn it.” I did not comprehend that I was essentially saying “Well I personally have never experienced racism, so it doesn’t really matter to me and I can still laugh at it, and it’s okay because I’m not racist.” And I see now that that is what I was doing. I was only looking at the issues which affected me personally, and I was allowing myself to find everything else funny because I wasn’t the person to whom it’s directed. I truly regret making this post, not because I’ve gotten a bit of shit for it but because I am appalled at myself that I didn’t see what I was doing. I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m not sure where my feelings towards the game in general stand — if I’m more on the side of “it’s offensive to everyone, people of all races and genders like to play, so it’s okay” or “wow, this game is incredibly offensive, I need to put it on a shelf and refuse to ever touch it again.” I don’t know that I’m ready to make that decision. But please know, to those few people who really give a shit, that I recognize the error of my ways and I will work to be far more conscious of what I do and what it means in the future. 

You do realise a transvestite is different from a trans person, right?

Indeed I do! That’d be really sad if I didn’t considering that I’m a trans person and have been deeply immersed in the trans community for over three years! Thanks for your concern though! The card is still transphobic!

  Anonymous said:
I don't understand how crossdressers passing for the opposite sex is transphobic, help.

For those confused, “Passable transvestite” is what this is referring to

First off, “transvestite” is typically regarded as a slur, although that’s not the transphobia of it (or is it?). As I understand it, the main issue here is the fact that the “passable transvestite” is viewed as problem; a man in a dress who tricks you into believing that he is a woman … which is directly is that the problem with that is that the majority of people who play this game and find this funny do not understand that “transvestite” and “transgender” mean different things. To them, every transgender person is just a “transvestite,” and the fact that they can pass — trick you into believing that they are — a the gender which they present as is a problem, or something funny. If we want to look it in the absolute most basic terms, it’s that a man-in-a-dress is funny, and that in itself is transphobia. 

As a disclaimer, I am bad with words and whatever I’m thinking may not have come across clearly in this response. Any human being who feels they can explain things better, or feel that there is something different that’s the issue, please feel free to reblog this and explain it in your way. If you do, and if it is well explained etc., I will then reblog your version for others to see.