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My name is Jonah, I'm a 19 year old transguy from the US (He/him/his pronouns)

Please tell me if you need me to tag anything for any reason. Personal triggering posts will always be behind readmores. Unspecified "tw" tags typically relate to eating disorders, but may vary.

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  kieram13 said:
I just want to say thank you for your support of LGBT (emphasis on the T) rights. I saw an article about how supportive you were when you found the "Passable transvestite" white card in Cards Against Humanity, and subsequently burned it. *hugs*

Well I am LGBT (emphasis on the T), so it makes sense :P But yeah you’re welcome I suppose? I have very mixed feelings on the post altogether (which I think mostly just comes from the fact that everyone took it so seriously and had such intense debates about it when I had only ever intended it as a joke because I like to burn things). Thanks for this message though :)

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